If you are looking for an internationally oriented communication agency, Broad is the answer. We provide integrated marketing communication with advertising, public relations, web and film, resulting in maximum attention value for your organisation. Since 1980, we have been working for a wide range of internationally oriented clients, both in the Netherlands and abroad, including companies that operate both on the Dutch market and abroad. For example, Dutch companies that have interests and/or branches abroad, or foreign companies that operate or wish to operate on the Dutch market.


Broad was established in 1980 and is therefore among the most experienced marketing communication agencies in the Netherlands. The company is situated in Harderwijk, less than an hour's drive from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. We also have a small studio for web applications and special graphic design in the USA (state of New York), which means that we gain the optimum benefits from the time difference between Europe and America. Our Belgian office is situated in Leuven, around 20 minutes' drive from Brussels Airport Zaventem. Broad’s employees have a long service record in both marketing communication and our business, as well as possessing the necessary language skills (English, German). Broad’s staff consists of eight permanent employees, including graphic designer, film directors/editors, copywriters and web designers.

Broad: The Attention Company

With our combined experience, not much surprises us. We are able to quickly immerse ourselves in your material. We are concerned for your affairs and handle them quickly and effectively — locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. It makes sense that we were already working on orders from, in and on behalf of over 20 countries. If you want the best possible attention to be paid to your product, service or organisation, please call us for a no-obligation consultation. Please contact Jaap van Dam, Linda Jansen or Dick W.A. Maes Broekema, or use the response form.


  • Implementation of an American hotel and catering programme in the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark commissioned by the International Hotel and Restaurant Association and an international tobacco manufacturer

  • Launch of food supplements for animals onto the Dutch market commissioned by a client in South-East Asia

  • Production of flyers and brochures in six different languages, various in-house styles for an American paint manufacturer with branches in 25 different countries

  • Production of a magazine for a Dutch client, to be published in Belgium, France and Germany

  • Realisation of a series of brochures in six different languages, including Russian, for a manufacturer of custom-made machinery

  • Reports in various parts of the world for a book by a Dutch HRM organisation

  • International film for a manufacturer of automated medication distribution, for which Broad also filmed in Scandinavia

  • We also filmed an international documentary about the torrefaction process

  • Over the years, we produced many websites in a wide range of languages

  • Via its press contacts, Broad is also able to publish press releases in different countries

  • Launch of Italian food supplements onto the Dutch market

  • Launch of foreign medicines onto the Dutch market